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My Movie Life

By | November 2012
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I used to go to the movie theater with my best friends every weekend when we were studying at intermediate school. That was the thing we really like to do together. Before leaving home everybody calls the others to tell them they are leaving to meet up because nobody was carrying cell phones. We were meeting at a particular place or a café then heading to the movie theater. we were teenager so to do something by yourself out of your place were tempting however I think now it is not fun or necessary to go the movie theater and there are many reasons to make me feel inconvenience seeing a movie at the theater instead of seeing them at home such as lack of time or can be called wasting time, pay more for less comfortable or hassle situation and feel tired after all you had at the theater day.

In order start with, it has been long time I have not gone to the movie theater. This busy life is little bit hard to content the entire thing that you want to do sometime. After we have gotten older, our responsibilities have gotten more than it used to be and time becomes more important than before. In order to get Movie Theater I have to have at least half day off to spend on the way of theater, getting into the theater and the way of back home. On the other hand I do not like to go out by myself. So I need to arrange a proper time to meet with my friend. That makes it harder because even I want to see a special movie on the theater I could hardly find a friend wants to go to the theater with me.

Second, the movie theaters cost me more than it serves to me. The amount of the money I spend for a movie would not be that much. If I make a basic account of it I see that I pay a lot more in order to get that serve. The amount of the ticket, the gas that I spent to get the theater, sometimes I need to pay for parking spot and the snack like popcorn that I buy even I do not need that can be saved in order to use for something worth it. If I stay at home...

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