My Motivation to Learn

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  • Published : September 24, 2011
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What motivates me to learn is very being open to learning. Just like Sara’s story that it doesn’t always mean you have to apply what you learn but having it when I may need it in my future. What also motivates me to learn just like in Chris story having a goal to help improve my future having that goal to help you go forward knowing in the long run you have made it. As is Jamie’s story expanding your mind and being open to new ideas even if it may be hard just to keep learning. My motivation in learning just like in Fred’s story it’s just not about what you learn now it’s what you have learned from your past. You discover new meanings along with old to further your path to education. My motivation to learning is thinking about my future and how I can better myself. I am a single mother trying to raise my daughter with a good home and life. I want to be able to help her as well as myself along her way. I also want to how her that even though I am 30 years old I still have the motivation and drive to better myself by going back to school. I believe this will also motivate her to want to have a good future and attend college when her time comes. I want to be able to show her that it’s not just about having any kind of future or job but going to college getting a degree in something that you will love doing for the rest of your life.
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