My Mother's Hometown

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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Livny is the town my mother was born in, and my husband and I try to visit several times a year. This town is rather small and has a dismally low population. However, I like this place. There are a lot of things to do in such a small town. There is the River, several parks, the ancient church. But my favorite part is undoubtedly the Adamov’s Mill. This place which dates back to the 1870s is actually the one to go for young people who believes in supernatural. There is a legend that the mill’s owner hung himself after unsuccessful launch of the Mill. Since that day the merchant’s ghost is roaming around this gloomy awesome building. They say that many people can hear muted voices, shrill whistle and shrill screams there. Livny is the industrial town. A typical morning starts by 7:00a.m and the loud roaring of the cars getting people to their jobs, the sound of the dishes getting to ready to cook breakfast, the hungry loud dogs barking at the people passing by will distract you from your sleep. The smell of fresh cooked toasts will make you get up and see what else is there to eat. Anyway, this town is really nice. It’s rather old, more than 400 years old, and the architecture is quite interesting with a number of ancient monuments. There are a lot of houses built at the end of the nineteenth century. When you walking along the central street, which is one of the oldest, you can feel like you went back in the last century. Finally, this is a place where everyone is smiling and ready to help. I spent my childhood there that is why I love it. So, I think this area is worthy of notice.
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