My Mother: A Great Woman

Topics: Blond, Debut albums, Gwen Stefani Pages: 2 (929 words) Published: October 26, 2010
Luana Renee Warner was her name. She had long curly dirty blonde hair. She was a caring person who helped everyone she came across. Luana had two beautiful twin daughters, both looking identical to herself. Those two girls were her life. She cherished and loved them with all her heart. One of the daughters looked at her like a hero, and the other was more of a daddy’s girl, but still loved her mother. On May 7th 2006, my mother, Luana Renee Warner, died from alcohol poisoning. My mother left behind her a lasting impression of a person who made me a part of who I am today.

My mom was sort of a hippie rocker girl. That is the best way I can describe her. She was hippish because she believed in peace. She knew that it would ever exist in our society and accepted that but always wish there were. She had long and curly blonde hair and did not care much about her appearance, although she was a natural beauty with a natural tan to her skin so she did not need to be all done up. She had a little rockish tone to her because as I can recall she mostly dressed like Gwen Stefani which was the singer in her favorite band back then, No Doubt. I remember as a kid my mother and I would karaoke, just for fun. I specifically remember one time where we were in my mother’s room and we started singing along with one of the songs from No Doubt, we were dancing all over her room. Then my mother picked me up on the bed and she climbed on it. We were just singing as loud as we could, no caring if we sounded good and definitely not caring of anyone heard us. After the song was over we layed down on the bed and just laughed. Disney Land was one of my mother’s favorite places. We did not go many times but I remember one time in particular. It was about a year before she died and it was just her and I that went, not anyone else. I did not get a lot of time with just my mom and me, since I lived with my dad, but my mom was my hero and favorite person. When at Disney Land we ran...
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