My Mother Tongue

My Mother Tongue

The story of Amy Tan is a story of triumph and overcoming the odds. She was born in Oakland, California. Her mother and father raised her in America. When she was still young her father and brother both died form malignant brain tumors. Amy suffered a hard childhood but remained loyal to her studies. Tan went on to receive a B.A. with a double in linguistics and English. Then furthered her education to receive a M.A. in linguistics. Amy wrote a book that became a best seller for many years entitled, "My Mother Tongue". In this book she addresses the idea that her mothers language is broken or fractured. Amy then shows the difference in the reactions from other people towards her mother's language versus hers. She gives an inside look of what it must be like growing up with parents from a different country.

This is a beautiful passage. It helps give insight to who Amy Tan is as a person. From this article I see that she thinks deeply and is very smart. Losing your father and brother at such a young age is a crisis I couldn't endure. However Amy did not let it slow her down or use it as an excuse to give up. She kept to her studies and ignored the careers her IQ and SAT may have suggested. She defied the norm and became an Author to write the best seller called The Joy Luck Club. Amy has an uncanny ability to capture her thoughts and express them clearly.

Amy's mother spoke in what Amy calls "limited" English. The hardships having to speak a language that is not your first has to be very difficult. Amy successfully portrays these conflicts. She said many treated her mother like she was unintelligent or ignorant because of the way she spoke. It was hard for Amy's mother to get people to take her seriously. Amy wanted to express the way her mother felt and the complexity of the way her mother thought through her writing. This would help get rid of the preconceptions people have of "watered down" languages. Amy takes...
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