My Mother Is My Heaven

Topics: United States, Afghanistan, President of the United States Pages: 3 (868 words) Published: April 29, 2013
EFFECTS AND IMPACTS OF US WITHDRAWAL FROM AFGHANISTAN ON ITS NEIGHBORING COUNTRIES: Background: The U.S. drawdown in Afghanistan began July 13, 2011 when the first 650 U.S. troops -left Afghanistan as part of President Barack Obama's planned drawdown. The units that left were the Army National Guard's 1st Squadron, 134th Cavalry Regiment, based in Kabul, and the Army National Guard's 1st Squadron, 113th Cavalry Regiment, which had been in neighboring Parwan province. The United States and its NATO allies finalized agreements on 18 April 2012 to wind down the war in Afghanistan by formalizing three commitments: to move the Afghans gradually into a lead combat role; to keep some international troops in Afghanistan beyond 2014, and to pay billions of dollars a year to help support the Afghan security forces The Tokyo Conference on Afghanistan, held on July 8, 2012 was the civilian-diplomatic bookend to NATO’s 2012 May summit in Chicago, where the alliance confirmed plans to withdraw foreign combat troops by the end of 2014 and pledged about $4 billion a year to pay for ongoing training, equipment and financial support for Afghanistan’s security forces. In exchange for pledges from the Afghan government to combat corruption $16 billion over the next four years for civilian projects such as roads to schools or projects aimed to strengthen the rule of law were pledged by the some 70 nations attending the conference EFFECTS ON INDIA: For India, bin Laden's death deep in Pakistan confirmed what it had long suspected: that a so-called Western ally was turning a blind eye to militant networks on its soil, a fear reinforced by the 2008 Pakistani militant attacks on Mumbai. But even more worrying for New Delhi would be any sign that the US president, Barack Obama, will use the death to speed up the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, leaving a vacuum that its nuclear-armed foe Pakistan and the Taliban may only be to happy to fill. New Delhi fears a return to the 1990s...
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