My Mother Influenced Me in My Life

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My mother influenced me in my life
I was afraid my mother. Now, however, when I feel discouraged by my problems, I overcome this by trying to remember my mother keep the strict hand over me. I gained a lot of from her. My mother was an elementary school teacher who very strict, she taught a lot of excellent student, and she was a Buddhist, she was always doing volunteer to help people in need. My mother is and will always continue to be a role model as a mother. She always stands by my side, and whenever I fall down, she encourages me to stand up by myself and on my own feet. She has influenced my life by teaching me lessons and showing me the right behaviors and wrong behaviors. I will remember forever that my mother taught me to be an honest person, how to love person by sharing and giving , and not to give up. One of my mother’s powerful influences was that she taught me to be honest with peoples, and she taught me that being honest would made me happy for the rest of my life. My mother was a teacher. She required all of her students be the honest persons, so she always be a role model as a teacher. I remember one time when I was eight years old, I played with the neighbor in my house. I accidentally broke the flower vase which my mother very liked. When my mother asked who broke it, I was very scared. I did not tell her the truth. I said it was not me break it, I thought maybe the cat did it. Later my mother found out the truth from my neighbor and asked me about it in calm way, and she told me she really did not mind I broke it. She required that I never lie to anyone and never lie to myself. She showed me that most of the bad situation in the world began with a lie. When a person steals something, he lies to the law, or when a husband cheats on his wife, he lies to his wife. My mother often tells me that being a man means facing the truth. I always think back on those words when I get into trouble. Another value that my mother taught me was how...
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