My Mother

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  • Published : September 20, 2011
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My mother is the one and only person who cares about me. She gave me all her love and passion so that I can grow up to be a successful person. The happiest thing in her life is the birth of me and my two sisters and a brother. She never complaint, never show how hard she work and happy all the time. She has sacrifice alot for me and my siblings. She always advise us to study hard and never gave up when you lost hope. She has been very proud of my edest sister because she gets 5A in UPSR and 7A in PMR. She shows off my sister's result to everyone because she was so happy that all her hardwork on my sister has not been nothing, but something. Now, I'm taking my UPSR and she's trying all her best to buy me the best refrence books and tuition just to make sure I'll get 5A. See, how hard all my mother did. Well, it's not just my mother, but all of your mothers. But, how would you know the love of a mother, when you are not one. So, go to the kitchen (because usually mothers are there) or somewhere else and tell her how much you love her in return. Or, you could gave her something special on this coming Mother's Day. I hope you would do what I say because maybe you would not be able to do that anymore. THX!