My Mother

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On our day to day basis, we are influenced by something, or someone that has a lasting effect in our lives. And the person that has influenced my life is my mother.

My mother, because she is the person that has always stood by my side, and has always encouraged me to reach my full potential and she is one among many people who inspired me, advised me and motivated me. She is the only person who will understand and forgive everything. In the mother’s eye you will never see falseness, as it always radiates compassion and sincerity. It seems that mother’s eyes can see you through and read your soul.

My mother has influenced my life because she always showed determination and has always encouraged me to study hard. She is the nicest and strongest person I have ever met. She thinks that she is just some background character in our life, but she isn’t. She is the one that makes everything around her pleasant. My mom is an example to me. Not that I want to be just like her, but I want to follow in her footsteps. And I want to live the kind of life that would make other people want to follow in my footsteps. She is also a very supportive woman but when I say that I don’t just mean in an emotional and intangible way but in every way. And you know that every mother’s kiss will heal all the wounds - either emotional or physical.

My mother is always there for me. What I love best about her is that she always has good advice. She is interesting and gives hope and also shows that I can be whatever I want to be and do whatever I want to do. Some people don’t have the great relationship with their mothers like I do, and I am thankful and lucky that I got the greatest mother ever.

Love You Mum.
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