My Mother's Influence

Topics: Health care, Nursing, Infant Pages: 4 (1687 words) Published: November 20, 2011
Breane Wilson
Professor Rockers
Eng 101 D185
Sept. 9, 2011
Narrative Essay
Everyone knows the question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” for as long as they can remember. This question is asked as soon as a child starts school at a young age and is continually asked by parents, teachers, and peers throughout one's education. Trying to figure out what career path to take can be easy or extremely hard for someone, especially if there is no influence from a peer or family member. Just like everyone else, I have struggled to find the correct career for myself throughout my life. I am happy to say that even though deciding on a career path has been difficult, I can say that I have had a mentor that has strongly influenced me in the direction that I am heading today.

Being part of a big family growing up, there has always been discussions of what I wanted to be when I got older. I, like most kids my age, would come up with unimaginable or far-fetched career choices, but I knew early in life that I wanted to take care of people somehow. Ever since I was a baby my mom was a nurse practitioner, and she would take care of sick individuals ranging from newborn babies to adolescent children. I learned at an early age that my mom was an extremely hard worker and compassionate towards others, and by watching her success made me envious. The more I witnessed, it became clear that I wanted to do the same for others that my mom was doing, and it lead me in the same direction of healthcare. This made me realize that my mom was and still is my mentor.

When I was young I had the privilege of being able to see where my mom worked and some of the staff that she worked with. I found it fascinating to see how well everyone worked together as a team to help save the lives of kids the same age as me or younger. One of the downfalls of my mom being work oriented was the fact that she spent a lot of time at work so we were unable to see her as much as we...
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