My Mother’s Raising Method

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My mother’s raising method
How a mom learns to be a mom? The way that my mother raised to my siblings and me has been always intriguing to me. In my experience, I always saw that new mothers where surrounded by her own mothers, sisters, cousins, in laws, all of them with previous experience in the job, in my mother’s case she was alone. My mom lost her mother when she was 12 years old and her family and in laws was living in different cities far away. She had to learn how to raise her kids by herself, and because of this she develop her own and unique way, and with this in some point of her life, she decided that the best gift that she could give me it was encourage me since I was little to become an independent successful woman, against the idea to be waiting for the prince charming and start a family, as typically girls in Mexico are raised. I remember several times in my childhood trying to avoid to go to school, as all the kids do it in some point, and be waiting for the typical fight mother-child where parents tell you that you just have to go because you have to go, but she never gave me that pleasure, she was different as always and she just answered: “Don’t go”, and after that words I couldn’t say anything I was just standing there confused, because it wasn’t the answer I expected, then after a few minutes she use to trough this words in the air: “I am not the one who is going to fail the year and see how her friends go to the next year” so at the end I finished going to school because I wanted, because I didn’t want to fail the year, not because my mother forced me. She used to use this weird psychology to make me do for myself what she thought it was the right thing, to put me on the way of success. “Don’t get married so soon, you have your entire life to be a mom, get a degree, earn your own money, spend every cent buying everything you want, travel, have fun, and then get married” This are the words that my mom said every day. I can imagine her as a...
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