My Mom My Idol

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  • Published : July 22, 2012
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This is random,but it's so true.

She is my major idol.
She is always there for me,and when I have a crappy day I run to her,get a hug,sit down and just talk to her. Sure I sometimes start crying,but that isn't a bad thing,she is my mom,and she has seen me in my worse times ever. She is my shoulder to cry on,and she is my idol because,she is a strong woman who isn't afraid to have fun.She is always ready with a good comeback,and she is just the most funny, and amazing person I know. I love my mom to death,I never want her replaced.

I mean even my friends are close to my mom,just because she is so caring and looks out for everyone. I still have ex boyfriends that want to meet her just because she was always so nice to them. I sometimes cry when I think about a life without my mommy.

She is my best friend,and I love her to death.
I can trust her with anything and I know she won't judge me,she will just let me cry and tell me everything will be okay,or she will be ready to go and help me kick some butt. Yes my mom would do that,she told me how I should keep myself protected while fighting and the best place to punch someone. We joke.Laugh.And Cry.I love my mommy!

And I am NOT ashamed to admit it on the internet.
Heck she is in my tops on myspace!
That proves a lot.
She is my major Idol.
I am super close with her,I know some girls aren't always close with their moms,but I am, in fact every girl in my family is close with their moms,and it is just how I was raised,and I don't see anything wrong with it. I don't think I could go one day without talking to her.

My best friend forever!
My Mom.

So this was random,but I mean it is pretty brave to say that on the internet that your mom is your best friend and major idol. So if you want to,you should post a journal about your mom or dad. Just to let the "world" know about them,and why they are your idol.
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