My Mom

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The Most Important Person in My Life
Through all of life’s heartaches, excitements, and struggles, there is one person who will forever be with me. Whether she is standing next to me, in front leading me, or at the back giving me that extra push, my mom is always there. She is not only my mom, but my best friend and mentor. In my best memories, she is the person smiling with me; in my worst, the one holding me, reassuring me that everything is okay. My mom has taught me what it means to have strength and she has instilled into me many values and lessons.

My mother is strong beyond expectation or imagination. As a child she went through circumstances that most can’t even begin to envision.My mom has always told me stories of her childhood, and when she does, I can’t help but think that even when times were at their worst, she was always at her best. She excelled in her academics, held on to faith, and remained positive. Never once have I heard my mom complain about the things she has been through. Instead, she is thankful for the good in her life. She is my living proof that if I choose to stand strong, I can overcome anything.

Among the many life lessons that my mom has taught me, the two most important are thoughts about happiness and education. I remember being very young and coming home from school with complaints. My mom would say, “For every one negative thing you say, I want to hear three positive things”. She is always quick to point out that I am the only person who can control my happiness. Of course, she is right; I will never be able to control what other people do or the situations that may come my way, I can only choose how I will respond. Quite possibly the most important thing my mother has ever said to me is this, “Education is the one thing that can never be taken from you.” I find these words encouraging in my head as I make it through college and plan for my future. These words remind me that school is not about the grade, but...
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