My Mom

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  • Published : February 14, 2013
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Mariama Bessane

<< A Day,s Wait >> reminded me when I was sick twelve years ago, so I chose to write about it.(present tense ) It is a cold morning of December, as I am preparing to head up to school, I start feeling dizzy and weak. My eyes are red and puffy than usual, I could barely walk or talk , I know right away that something is wrong with me. I am penetrating my mother,s bedroom to kiss her goodbye. As I am heading toward her, she looks me in the eye and said << What is wrong with you ?>>

<< I just have headache, it will pass soon>> I said My mother put her hands in my forehead .
<< You have fever, you should go back to bed.>>
<< No, I am fine I will just take a pill and I will be fine.>> << But your head is very hot and your eyes are puffy, so just go to bed >> said my mother. I am insisting on not going to bed because I have a test that I do not want to miss plus I hate staying in bed all day. I said << mom I am fine OK, now I have to go. >> As I am heading the door, I collapse on the floor, my mother takes me to my room and now she is calling the doctor. I can hear her with a sobbing voice saying to the doctor to come right now at home. At this point, I am praying that the doctor will not come. Unfortunately, my prays will not be accepted because I can hear the doctor,s voice asking for me. The doctor takes my temperature and says to my mother that this more serious than it looks and we should go to the hospital. Arriving to the hospital they put me into a room and now I am alone. As I am laying on that random bed, the only thing that was coming to my mind is that I am going to die today, because I usually get sick at home but I never go to the hospital, I would just take a pill and then sleep until the next morning and I would feel better. This time it is different because I am in a hospital room scare to death. What scares me the most is that my...
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