My Mistresses Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun

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  • Published : December 7, 2008
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Shakespeare’s Mistress Was Only Human

In William Shakespeare’s [My mistress’ eyes are nothing like the sun] he talks about his mistress as being less then all the things that he compares her to. In some ways this is a good thing, but yet again it is a little hurtful and actually a bet cruel. However in the last few stanzas he states that if this woman was not a human, they would not be able to love each other. Even though Shakespeare is in a way insulting his mistress it is more heart felt that he is being honest and proving to the world and other poets that she is human. Many poets from the same time period as William Shakespeare wrote love poems just as he did. The others’ poems were very romantic but yet again seemed to be very insincere. At first glance this poem is just plain mean, but it has many other and deeper meanings. In one sense Shakespeare is really just mocking all the other love poems and their authors. Their poems sound so sweet and romantic but if one really thinks about their meaning, the poets are merely just trying to impress the recipient of the poem to get something out of them. They also just seem so unreal, who truly has eyes as bright as the sun, and why on earth would anyone want eyes that bright? The first few stanzas of Shakespeare’s poem compare some of the most beautiful things in nature to his mistress. The sun’s brightness is much brighter than her eyes, and the coral being much redder than his mistress’ lips. At first it sounds so harsh, but then again, a bright red coral is so red. If anyone had lips that red, they would look as though they were bleeding or sick in some way, just not a normal human look. Again, the sun is extremely bright and warm, and yes eyes can be bright and warm but as much as the sun? The sun gives life to everything on the earth; no ones eyes can do that. Looking into the sun is painful and can cause damage to the eye, if you were to look into someone eyes that were a bright as the...
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