My Mistress Eyes Are Nothing Like the Sun

Topics: William Butler Yeats, Love, Ezra Pound Pages: 2 (848 words) Published: March 9, 2010
Micaela Oates
#1. Robert Creely - 'Oh No' (pg 411)
At the end of the second line of Creely's poem ,he refers to the subject as a it.I did'nt know who what or where he meant when.I didnt know who or what the word 'it' was referring to .The First line suggest that if wander far enough we will ultimately reach this it . Creely Imediately makes me feel that this it was a defenite,a destination that will inevitabley be met.With this being said , the use of the word wander suggest some kind of journey that will result in this defenite resting place. The 4th and 5th line says that other people will be there in which they willgive you a nice chair to sit in for yourself only .The word only implys some sort of restriction as if to say that the seats are limited or chosen. This is where i get the hint that Creely is being ironic ,sarcastic even.He calls the chairs nice, which makes it sound a little devoius to me.

The title of the poem, Oh No makes it seem like this final destination is not happy place .What person wouldnt be happy about being around their friends?This suggest that the smiling faces are fake and these friends may really be enemies.I felt the poem possessed a very ironic tone. The title didnt match the words used in the poem.I felt like the end of this journey ends in some uncomfortable place. #2 Kay Ryan- Chemise

This short poem was enjoyable .I felt like i may have asked myself the question in the opening .This Poem made me think about falling in love. A unconditional love ,the kind that is everlasting. This could be a love for another person or even yourself. for The first three lines depicts the body as being disrobed or undraped. Like there was something to be let out in the open, or uncovered. I'm not sure if it's willingly though.The Flimsy cloth reminds me of the ups , downs and unknowns of love.This flimsy cloth being something inescapeable ,means that it is not flimsy at all, but in fact very strong. So strong that its worth...
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