My Memories

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My Memories
I honestly cannot think of an object from my past that holds significance to me now. The only thing that I can look at is an id picture of my father that I had the privilege to receive months ago. I guess you could say that this is an object from my past because my father is deceased. Every time I look at this ID card I am reminded of the fun memories that we shared. I miss him dearly. I can remember the time when he would come home from work with snacks for us. Every day I would sit in the window when it was time around the time for him to come home waiting on him to see if he was bringing snacks. I was so happy inside when he brought these snacks home. This object holds significance to me because my father is no longer with us. I can still hold my memories of him from looking at this ID card. I am so glad that I have this piece of memory to hold on to. Looking at this id brings a warm feeling over me and lets me know that he is still watching over me. Three life changing events for me are the death of my mother, birth of my children, and going to school. The death of my mother changed my life tremendously. It made me realize that everyone will die. It also taught me independence. The births of my children were a beautiful moment. I knew from the very first time I laid eyes on them that I had been changed. I knew that it was time for me to step up and do things for their satisfaction, not mine. I had to make a live for them and myself. This also made me very independent. Going back to school is another life changing event for me as well, I have to stay focused and finish because the end results are rewarding. This has also taught me that I need to manage my time wiser so that I may continue to be successful for myself and children. The topic that interests me the most to write about would be going back to school. I chose this because I have a wonderful support system that pushes me forward. My entire family is here for me. They continually ask me...
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