My Meaning of Soccer

Topics: Association football, Association football terminology, Association football ball Pages: 4 (1480 words) Published: March 8, 2013
A Kick Ahead
If I were to pick out one meaningful experience that I lived through that set the tone on how I were to approach future challenges, it would be soccer. Starting at age seven, this beautiful sport of soccer, called 'futbol' inside my heart, became my passion, and playing it at a professional level was nothing less than my dream. Every morning when I would wake up, often with the ball next to me, the game would be the first thing to pop up in my head. The main dream of the night, just like every other night, would be that of me, uniformed and ready, forming part of a recognized club team, anywhere in Europe, where it always fills up with thousands upon thousands of roaring fans, cheering so loud that I can barely hear my own breathing. The dripping sweat exiting my body, mixed with the thrive of the competition, combines and rushes with thrill to every single cell in my body, giving me the adrenaline and passion needed to set foot past the opponent's defense, and score the greatest goal ever known in history. This would wake me up with a smile on my face, so vivid that I would wish to keep on dreaming, just to one day make it a reality. As time went by, this lifestyle would reward me with valuable lessons, lessons such as the importance of discipline, the value of teamwork, and above all, the joy of fighting for something you care about. Although I now have responsibilities such as education and work, activities that seem very different from a sport, they share these same important values, and due to the experiences I gained from soccer, I am able to approach them with confidence and optimism. At an early age of seven years old, I fell in love with the game of soccer. I remember that one after school day hanging out with a few of my classmates at a park, when a couple of older kids invited us to go play the famous 'futbol'. We had barely ever spoken to them before that moment, but regardless, we went for it. I remember the pitch, that a small yet...
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