My Mandala

Topics: Portugal, Spain, Trait Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: October 29, 2012
I have separated my mandala into different, yet diverse sections, each section representing a large, important part of my life. I have divided my mandala into five sections, four along the edge and one in the middle, symbolizing how my life mostly revolves around my riding. Then other sections, such as, the top one is my family, the left side being the different places I have traveled, the right being some of my characteristics, and the bottom being things I dislike. The top section has my family and pets. My parents, , are on the left. Next to them is my sister, , and then me,. Our pets then come next, the three dogs, Cali, Jack, and Wally. Then our two horses, Arthur, and Mysti. I put my family and pets in the top section because they have always been a large part of my life. My family and I have always been very close. The middle section of my mandala is where I put a riding boot, a bit, a ribbon and a horse’s head, all representing my love of riding horses. Riding has always been an important part my life since an early age, but in the past few years has become more pronounced in my daily life. The last summer I was working a fair bit harder trying to improve my riding and horseman ship skills, doing both dressage and hunter jumper on my pony Arthur. I enjoy riding for many reasons, manly to keep my father in a perpetual state of poverty to obtain his humility. The left side I have and a plane, a palm tree, and the Eifel tower, all to representing traveling and how I enjoy it. I chose to put this as a category because of the amount I have traveled and how much I enjoy it. The history and culture of the specific country and city we are in always interests my family and I for many reasons, mainly the education and how it came to where it is today throughout the city’s past. My family and I usually have one large trip a year, the most resent one being our trip to Spain and Portugal. When there, my family and I stopped at seven different Cities, Madrid, Lisbon,...
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