My Major Accomplishment

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My Major Accomplishment

The thing that comes to mind that I would say makes me the proudest is working so hard all those years in high school to get good grades just so I could get into the best college in Florida. The day I got accepted into University of Florida was the day I felt proudest of all my accomplishments in high school. I would not say it was easy though, I managed to maintain my high GPA while holding a job, participating in sports, and even doing a lot of chores most kids would not even think about doing. I can remember when my family had me help fix our house after a waterline busted and flooded the entire house. After school and football practice I would come home and start working on fixing our house. No matter how tired I was I did not quit until the job was done even if it meant staying up late with my mom working on the project at hand. Now I know by no means necessary that this is a miracle, but I feel that it is something I am proud of. Being able to accomplish my goal no matter how many tasks I have to do. So I know now that I can handle anything that comes my way no matter how hard it may seam and how tiresome I may be I will not let up until I am done. The day I received my acceptance letter to the University of Florida was proof of the hard work I had done and that I was going to get where I wanted as long as I keep up my hard work.


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