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  • Published : April 18, 2013
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Davis 1

Antonio Davis
Dr. Day
Composition I
20 February 2013
Why My Major is Useful
I have always wanted to be an athletic trainer. I knew that making it pro in a sport would be a long shot, but I wanted to stay around sports my whole life. So I choose athletic training as my major. Majoring in athletic training will give me the opportunity to be around sports and be around something I really love. My major is very useful. I want just learn things to help athletes. I will learn things that could help people in everyday emergencies. I have to become certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). That could come in handy in any situation, not just help me be a athletic trainer. If someone is in a car wreck and needs immediate medical attention I could use my background as a athletic trainer to help the injured individual until the paramedics arrive. Also with my major I could help people with minor injuries when they have to wait to go to the doctor. I know some older people who have issues dealing with arthritis and other minor injuries to their bodies. Most of them hate going to the doctor just for minor injuries that sometimes their insurance will not cover. With me majoring in athletic training I would be able to help these individuals and help them out free of charge. It would give me the ability to help out people and give back to the community.
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