My Lord the Baby

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  • Published : January 6, 2012
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The Author of this story, Rabindranath Tagore was the first Asian to win the Nobel Prize in the field of Literature. He was a Bengalese who was born in 1861 at Calcutta. The main character here is named Raicharan. He was only 12 years old when he became a servant. His Master made him a private servant to his Son. He took good care of him, until the time that the little Master Anukul grew up and got married. When Anukul had a son of his own. Anukul still made Raicharan his Son’s private servant. But fate got in the way, the little Master disappeared when Raicharan was taking him for a stroll. No one knows whether the Baby was taken by a group of Gypsies who were hovering nearby or He drowned in the river. Anukul’s wife got so distressed and furious that there is no reasoning with her. They made Raicharan go back to his Village. There he learned that his wife just gave birth to a Baby Boy but she died immediately. At first Raicharan didn’t want to accept his Son because he knew that he cannot sire a child. But as the Boy grows, he can see similarities with his young master. And so he thought that his son is the reincarnation of the young master. Raicharan gave everything and anything his son would want, he made his son live like a rich man up to the point that he is sturbing himself to death. When he can no longer give Phailna, his son, all that he wants, he decided to go back to Anukul and told him that his son was with him all along, Raicharan let them think that he’s the one who kidnap their son. This just goes to show that a Father can and is willing to sacrifice almost anything just for the good of his beloved son. Even if it means that he will loose his son forever or it would mean his death. Also, the story relates on the belief that there is reincarnation, life after death.

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