My Living Room

Topics: Family, Wine, Flower Pages: 2 (573 words) Published: May 23, 2013
Anna, Nguyen
ESAL 0580-01

My living room
In my family, living room is a special room where all the members can gather together in some special days. My living room is quite large and it has a balcony with a lot of colorful artificial flowers decorated by my mother. When coming to the living room, I feel very comfortable with a sweet smelling spreads out from the big flower base which is put in the middle of the sofa table. My mother’s hobby is arranging flowers so she changes the flowers every week, such as roses, sunflowers, orchids and usually waters for them. Affected by my mother hobby, I bought two small artificial flower bases to decorate for my room in Canada. Actually, before going to school I see them and feel very active to start with a new day. The living room is designed by my mother with a very big and warm sofa and a sofa table. There are six tea cups and a tea pot above the sofa table also. The whole tea pot is very beautiful and always used to welcome the guests who visit our home. My father has a collection of wines and he puts all kinds of wines to the sideboard. Furthermore, in the evening the lights will be turned on to make the sideboard shine sparklingly. They are very valuable to my father so my brother, sister and I hardly stand near that sideboard. Because we are afraid of broking them and sure we will be punished. When shopping in Superstore, I usually notice some kinds of wine which my father likes. I attend to buy some wine bottles for my father when I come back home to visit. Our family can enjoy singing karaoke or watching movies together with all modern facilities such as the amply, the big TV and the DVD player facilitated by my father. Last week, when I joined to a friend’s party, there was a big TV and we watched an action movie together. That reminded me to my familiar living room. And the best thing I like in the living room is my piano which always makes me feel relax when I have a pressure in...
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