My Life's Influences

Topics: Developmental psychology, Adolescence, Adult Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: May 3, 2013
My Life’s Transitions and Influences

Even though as a child we all go through different developmental stages of life. As we transform from one stage to another we learn different things that’s essential to our growth and development. With influences as building blocks, and a good support team to navigate our journey into adulthood. These transitions pave the road to our careers, and how we live our lives as adult now in the present and later in the future. First, children should have a strong support system as they grow and progress to different stages. Healthy intentions leads to better living environments when we get older and strong supports elevates higher education standards. When I was an infant, I learned to trust my parents for all my needs. As I progressed into toddler stage, I then began to explore my surroundings. The atmosphere was calm, the environment was peaceful, and the community was protective. Additionally, as an infant my parents played the biggest role of influence and gave me the utmost support. When I reached my teenage stage my thought process began to take off, the people I hung around, the activities I participated in and most of all the decisions I had to make according to the social aspects of adolescent times. I was going through a lot as it seemed, trying to figure out my identity, where I fit in I mean all kinds of things start to take shape and then again I was left facing a lot of uncertainties with the outside world. I had my grandparents my mother and father when they were around or had time off work, my friends, and the elder ladies of my home church for guidance and support. The groups that I became a member of pushed me to the point of greatness. As a member of this group they also gave valuable lessons about life as a teenager and life as an adult. Finally, the most important reason children should have a strong support system and positive influences while their going through different stages so that It’s clear to them...
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