My Life Plan

Topics: Goal, High school, Time Pages: 2 (764 words) Published: April 20, 2013
For most Americans, having a successful career is a high priority in life. One of those Americans that I admire the most is Jenni Rivera. Jenni Rivera, was an American singer-songwriter, actress, television producer, and entrepreneur of Mexican heritage, known for her work within the band and northern music genres. Rivera earned straight As through her sophomore year in high school. During her sophomore year at age fifteen, she became pregnant with the first of her five children. Rivera sold CDs at flea markets to support herself and her child, she continued her education while pregnant and after the birth of her child, earning her GED at a continuation school and graduating as class valedictorian. Speaking of her experiences as a teenage mother in 2003, Rivera explained, "Usually, when a young girl is pregnant, she drops out of school and concentrates on being a mother. I thought that's what I had to do, but my counselors told me there was no way they would let me drop out. I had too much promise. Without forgetting where she came from and her values as being a caring , compassionate person, she became one the most famous Mexican singer. Even though she had a very rough life she never gave up, reading on her life motivates me to keep going. Anything is possible if done with all of our heart. Being a single mother at a very young age she managed to achieve her goals. By doing does she prove anything can done. Although it has taken me several years to reach my present point of self-realization and determination, I am almost there. I am an ordinary person like everyone; some of the most important values that are part of my life are my family, health, desire, faith and courage. I value my family because they are always with me in the good time and bad times. Not only do I value my family for that reason but because there love is unconditional. Health is also a very important aspect to value because if I didn’t have good health I wouldn’t have the ability to...
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