My Life - Past, Present, and Future

Topics: Girl Scouts of the USA, Reunion, Mother Pages: 5 (2271 words) Published: March 15, 2012
Jessie Westfall

It has been a long time since the thought of writing a paper has even crossed my mind. I think the last paper I wrote was for my Advanced Placement English course when I was a junior in high school. Wait a minute, it is coming back to me; ah, yes, and the paper was on Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In this paper, I will attempt to give you a brief glance into my life and show you some of the life steps that I have navigated through that have made me who I am today and I will analyze them to the best of my ability. I will also give you a pretty good idea of where I am today in my life and who I want to be in the future. Let’s start with my childhood. My life as a child was, well, definitely interesting. I was born in La Crosse, Wisconsin and soon moved to Fort Carson Military Base in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Maybe you have gotten from that that I was a military brat, maybe you haven’t, either way, I was. However, I can say that my life as a military brat was not as complicated or as hectic as some you may meet. In brief, I lived in the mountains of Colorado right outside of Pikes Peak for approximately a year and a half. Within that time, my one and only sister was born. From there, we moved to the Festival Capital of Louisiana, Lake Charles. We stayed there a brief time before we started our journey to, and through, the Sunshine state, Florida. We first moved to Boca Raton then to Panama city. I am, for all intents and purposes, a native Floridian. Not a grand story of living all over the world, but enough for me. Not too long after we settled into our third house, my mother was deployed due to Desert Storm in 1991. Fortunately for us, she was only sent to various locations in Alabama and Georgia and not to the Middle East. My mother was a Lieutenant Colonel and a nurse in the United States Army Reserves. At the time, my father was working at Sun Hydraulics on the night shift. Due to the deployment, and the fact that my sister and I were only but nine and ten at the time, he was forced to take a leave of absence and become Mr. Mom. Let’s look at some of my childhood memories that have helped develop who I am today. I have some of the best, and some of the worst, memories of my childhood. A few of the memories of my childhood that stick out the most would have to be the wonderful and adventurous family reunions, the always eventful Girl Scout meetings (one in particular), and finally my father’s alcoholism. Why don’t we delve into some of the details of these particular memories? The first memory of my childhood that I have is of our family reunions. Our family reunions were the best. They didn’t happen but every five years, but they were always the talk of the family for years leading up to them and for years after. One particular family reunion is still the talk of my family. To give you a better idea, let me give you a few of the rules to our family reunions. First and foremost, due to the fact that the family reunions were to be family time, even though they were always held where or more of the family lived, there was one main rule…no trips home (mainly aimed at the members that lived the closet to the site). Secondly, every family reunion began with the handing out of the reunion mementos. Well, this particular reunion was held in Panama city, just minutes from our house, and the memento was a hat with our family name on it. My dad and I, the rebels that we are, decided that we wanted to go back to the house, just for a minute, to get something. Leave it to me; I left my family reunion hat there. Guess the cat was out of the bag when we had to take pictures and my grandma wanted all of us to be wearing our hats and I didn’t have mine. Can we say “Oops?” The next childhood memory is of the years of Girl Scout meeting that I was a part of. One thing my mom was adamant about was my sister and I and our Girl Scout meetings. All growing up, my mom was always the troop leader and she always...
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