My Life of as an Adolescent

Topics: Adolescence, Mind, Thought Pages: 2 (773 words) Published: October 16, 2010
In this paper, the answers to four journal entry questions will be provided. From the list of seven questions, I have chosen to write about the following respectively: (1) What fills you with joy and awe? (2) Think about your childhood life. Think about the person who had the most effect on your life? And why? (3) Describe the positive and/or negative aspects of your adolescents (4) What is it like to be a young adult in today’s society? What fills you with joy and awe?

A few years ago, I surprisingly stumbled upon that one thing that fills me with complete joy and awe. Discovering the art of Yoga (sadhana) was made several months after suffering from a lower back injury. This injury resulted in numerous surgical procedures and crippling pain. While recovering from my third and final procedure, it was recommended by my girlfriend to seek alternative measures in combating this physical hindrance. After a lot of pleading sessions, I was finally convinced to open my mind to this simply art. Signing up for the 7:00 pm class at a Sadhana Yoga studio was the best thing that could have happened to me. It was at this moment in my life that I had a glimpse of what it really means to “let go.” I discovered that the mind is the source that holds all of our powers; the power to overcome pain, hurt, the stress of everyday living, and it also provides the experience of fulfillment, contentment, and internal bliss. This experience provided complete joy and awe as it showed me the doorway to transcending one’s consciousness and experiencing pure amazement even in the middle of the most trying circumstances. Think about your childhood life. Think about the person who had the most effect on your life? And why? Similar to the experience of Yoga, my childhood years were richly filled with wonder, joy, happiness, and comfort. These years are credited to the person that had the most influence in my life. This person was my father. Even though he passed away during my early teenage...
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