My Life Now and Five Years Ago

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  • Published : April 28, 2013
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“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” Changes happen over a short period of time. Five years ago, I was living in Ethiopia. Back then, I did not really care about school, all I cared about was what thin ages usually want, like my outrageous collection of outfits and accessories. I use to use my parents’ money to buy what I want. I had a weird obsession to fashion. Being a thin age, I usually cause trouble and run from problems. I play with friends and stay outside home late night. I got easily bored staying home. I did not really have any major goals five years ago. I was not really thinking about my future quite yet. I was very outgoing person and I like trying new things like meeting new people. I did not believe in myself, maybe because of the insults my older throw at me. However, when I come to the United States, I started getting being strong-minded. I continued my college luring. My outgoing personality starts getting changed because with my busy life there is no time. I stopped wasting my parents’ money to buy fashionable dress because I start using my money for my need. I have major goals in life now. I started thinking about my future lately to be a bigger person. However, college life rolls in. Now, I started getting competitive. I study harder because college is no joke. Ignoring problems may work earlier but now I don’t have any choice but to face them. I am more adventurous and confident with myself right now, perhaps because of the environment college life offers. I also have almost every account on every famous social networking site like Facebook and Tumblr. Unlike five years ago, I started enjoying reading novels. For instance, in every free time I have, I am usually locked up in my room reading fictional books or stories online. Hello Kitty, on the other hand, was replaced by the cast of Glee and I am looking forward to go to Hollywood and meet them. Now, I don’t really prefer outdoor physical activities, especially...
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