My Life My Future

Topics: English-language films, High school, College Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: October 24, 2010
;;Going to college has always excited me since my brother left for college. I am in my final year now, but I have a mix feeling about it. The hop from high school to college is one of the widest in a person’s life. Apart from the basic fact that graduate will leave their friend which sometimes they have been with for the past eight years and over, but you will leave home. The convenience of your mother and father taking care of you, I now realize that it is a journey to become your own person. The past eight years have been the greatest part of my life, there have never been a time that I have learned so much or had so much fun. I am always thrilled to be in school, it is sad to leave. All the relationship and all the memories that I have all through my primary school through to my high school, and airport residential area. However within these heartbreaks, there is a tiny flicker of excitement it is the adventure to leave home and school s to start my real adult life. I was born in Accra the capital city of Ghana. I still remember how astounded I was by the people and the environment. I had visited some of the suburb in my country, I had never seen a place like this ever before in country. There were a lot of market women; most had their babies behind them. Some were crying and others were asleep in all this pandemonium. This is a situation that is prevalent among local women in my country. I felt that I have to do something to help the plight of these women who do what they have to do to survive with their babies. These women although ignorant, are very intelligent. These women have a lot of aspiration I believe, but what is the missing point? The “what” to do is so painfully clear, but is the “how” it is how to do is the missing point. These women don’t have a voice of their own, the most glaring voice missing is those of local women, women are the key to unlocking poverty in Ghana. I have always been inspired by the country I was born in. Ghana is still a...
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