My Life Is on a Run

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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Micheal was a shy boy, who lived in Chicago Illinois til he turned 11 years old and his father had to move him and his Mother to Riverdale Illinois because he was offered another job there. Micheal didn't want to move away from his cousin Mario because he was the only real friend he had, Micheal asked his father if they could stay in Chicago his father explained to him that they had to move and he would find a friend in Riverdale. Micheal looked down and said ok dad I understand. On the day that they moved into their new house dad noticed a little boy across the street and dad said see son there is a boy about your age, Micheal looked down and walked in the hosue. As Micheal sat at the table eating, his Mother told him to go outside to play, Micheal looked up at his mom with big wide eyes and said, Can you go out with me? his mother looked at him, and said son I have alot of stuff to do right now, but when I'm done I can come out then, The boy gave his mom a shy smile and looked down and said ok mom I'll go out and wait for you on the porch, he kissed his mom and off he went. While he sat on the porch waiting for his mom to come out with him, A kid name Chris" that lives across the street came up to him and said hi do you want to play with me? Micheal looked down and said ok, Chris asked Micheal,' Why do you look down when you talk? Micheal looked down again and said I don't know, I guess I'm a little shy. Chris smiled and said you don't have to be shy with me I'm your friend. The two boys went off to play and mom watched from the window and smiled.
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