My Life, in a Rainbow

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  • Published : January 21, 2013
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My Life, in a Rainbow

A very good evening I bid to my dear Public Speaking lecturer, Madam Sharon Lim and my fellow colleagues. On this blissful evening, I would like to present a speech entitled “My Life, in a Rainbow”.

The seven colours of the rainbows I use to refer to myself and my life on this pleasant evening. The rainbow is colourful, as we all have noticed by observing it all these years and yes, just like the rainbow, my life is colourful, fun-filled and never dull. The colours of red, yellow and orange of the rainbow collectively symbolises the energy, enthusiasm, happiness and creativity. My life can be seen as being fun-filled and never dull, and this is all thanks to all the wonderful friends I have made in my life and the never-ending fun of life I experienced with them. In the same time, as bright as the colours of the rainbow may be, that is how my personality will always be. Not to mention, I am too, full of emotions, in fact I have the habit of making a great amount of facial expressions. Life, have never been dull to me since I am always introduced to opportunities to indulge myself in many experiences.

The colour of green of the rainbow symbolises harmony and balance. I have always tried to keep my life in a balanced state, balancing the good over the evil side of me and organising myself for the daily life crisis. Blue symbolises calmness and spirituality. Despite my bright personality, I too am able to calm myself down when needed, and is very peace-oriented. Violet colour of the rainbow on the other hand, explains myself in the very most of way. Being very imaginative, I am able to visualise almost anything that I was given information, even without seeing them for the first time. Lastly, the colour of indigo completes the whole rainbow of my life, symbolising infinity and self-mastery. It is an infinity when we talk about the possibilities to succeed, and I always tried to tackle that fact by being able to master anything by...
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