My Life as a Turkey: Joe Hutto

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  • Published : November 4, 2012
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My Life as a Turkey

In the movie, My Life as a Turkey, we learn about how a man finds 16 turkey eggs at his door and how he takes them in his care and raises them. This man, Joe Hutto, gets emotionally attached to these turkeys. From this movie, I’ve that you should be grateful for everything you have. One day, a man walks out of his house and finds 16 eggs in a basket at his door steps. He takes them in and puts them under an incubator .Day later, the eggs hatch and the turkeys come out. They see his face and recognize him as their mother. He takes good care of them until one day, he left them alone for a brief second, and when he got back, one of the baby turkeys was half way in a snake’s mouth. He and all the other turkeys were terrified. Then when the snake tried to get out, it couldn’t because of the turkey it swallowed. At that moment, Joe Hutto realized he had to be with those turkeys 24/7. Later on Joe Hutto gets more used to him and turkeys adapt better to him. Joe Hutto and the turkeys become like one big family. He was a real mother to these turkeys. This would be an unforgettable event for Joe Hutto, the turkeys, and everybody who admired this video. From my point of view of this movie, it shows how two different living things come together and act like one. Joe Hutto showed that turkeys are social, curious, affectionate, playful and smart. These turkeys were smart enough to know what predators to stay away from. I give this movie 5 stars because of its amazement.
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