My Life as a Parent

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  • Published : July 25, 2011
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My mother, Joyce, was a single parent which forced her to work a lot of hours at Veteran’s Administration Hospital as a ward clerk in Van Nuys, California. I, Kimberly at the age of 11, was put in a position to be a parent before I even was one myself. My childhood was ripped away from me due to me having to babysit and do household chores for my younger sister, Tiffany, while our mother provided a living for us both. I remember some of the good old times when Sunday would come for church and we would get up then start our normal daily routine. I would have to cut up several whole chickens and peel ten lb. bags of potatoes, so that we would have dinner for the congregation after church service. My mother Joyce would make batches of golden fried chicken that was very mouthwatering when you’d bite into it the meat it would fall off the bones. Now the potato salad was so scrumptious that you would be licking your fingers and that was so good that I still make the traditional fried chicken and potato salad ‘til this day. Now I had my first son, Corey, at 14 years old, Ryan 16, Jasmine 18, Darin 20, Ochea 24, and Trevon 26. I am a proud mother of six beautiful and healthy children which they all have their own personalities, but that’s another whole chapter because every child is unique in their own way. My second to the oldest, Ryan, is currently serving in the United States Army and not a day goes by I would ever regret of giving birth to him. There have been times in my life when I had challenges and struggles, but always managed to overcome them. There has also never been a day in my life to where my children and I were homeless in the streets with nowhere to go or live in a shelter for that matter. Back in the year 2000, when we had a recession, I lost my job at Washington Mutual Bank as a production administrator representative in Chatsworth, California. As a result, I was evicted and my car was repossessed, so encountering that led me to...
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