My Life as a Chinese Farmer

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  • Published : November 17, 2010
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My life as a farmer in a village is located sixty miles from Shanghai, China. I have worked my whole life as a farmer in the country side outside of Shanghai for nearly thirty years. My family consists of 2 children age from sixteen and twenty years old and my wife of 32 years. The well-being of my family has changed for the better over the years but we still continue to lack major necessities such as health care and the shortage of farming land to raise crops. We are very fortunate to have enough money to buy clothes and food. My typical day as a farmer has been a routine that I have mastered over the years living in the village. The day generally starts out a 7:00 am in the morning each day. After breakfast, I head out to the field to begin gathering vegetables for the day so that I can bring them home and prepare our family’s next meal. I usually have spare time to do household repairs in the village or just relax for the afternoon. Generally, every day we have fresh vegetables and rice for our meals. Occasionally, we can afford to buy meat with in the local village shops and markets. The shops within the village offer a wide variety of household goods such as decorative art, clothes, and items such as bicycles. Technological advances have made our lives better since the beginning of the decade. My family has been able to have cable television and phone service in recent years. My family has a wide variety of entertainment available to them in the village. We to enjoy such things as cable television, computers with Internet access and music videos we also enjoy singing karaoke with our local villagers. Our means of entertainment crossover the lines of both local and global. We are able to enjoy global entertainment with our cultural integrated into to it. We still enjoy hearing songs of our own heritage but also like western performers such as Beyonce. The Internet allows us the capability to communicate with the world on a global way. We have...
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