My Life as a Bug

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  • Published : February 11, 2013
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My Life as a Bug

It was a bright September morning. The day started out as normal as any day could be. I woke up, played with my bugs life finger puppets, ate some cereal, hopped in the shower, and took off towards school. I was running late, like usual, when my car decided not to start. So naturally, instead of asking my parents for a ride, I decided to sprint. I made it half way to the school when I felt something crawling on my head. I immediately started screaming and turning in circles until I fell on the ground in a panic. My legs began to flail, I started beating my hands on the ground, and began chanting, “Booga Looga, Chimmy Changa, Tipsy Topsy, AWAKE!” When my eyes flew open, I could not believe what I saw. My vision was so clear. I could see a complete circle all the way around me. I thought it was a little bit odd that I didn’t have to turn around to complete this task, but my attention was not focused on what transformation had taken place. I stared to stand up, but realized that I was already standing. I looked down and opened my mouth to let out an enormous scream. Instead of a scream, the noise that escaped my mouth was ear piercing. The tone resembled fingernails on a chalkboard. I tried to scream again, but all that came was the same noise over and over again. As soon as I became fed up with trying to scream, I decided I better get to school no matter what shape I was in. When I arrived at the school, I stood there, strategizing on how to open the door. I spotted Lupe coming out of the office towards the front door, so I hid in the garden my Mrs. Greene’s room. I waited for him to walk out the door and scurried into the school. I thought I had made it with out anyone seeing me but Mr. Sutton started walking in the opposite direction as Lupe. I stood as still as possible. When I noticed that he was talking to himself again about how good he looked in his suit, I knew I was safe. I crawled to the office so I could look at the clock and see...
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