My Life and Future Goals

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My Life and Future Goals

Barbara L. Rogers

PSY 202

Stanley Garland

January 13, 2011

According to Erik Erickson’s psychosocial theory, I am in stage seven of my life. I am seeking to accomplish goals that make me feel I have made a difference in the world. (Adult Development and Life Assessment, Chapter Two, Gary A. Witt, Ronald A. Mossler, Published by Bridgeport Education, Inc., Copyright 2010 ) I want to be useful and teach the younger generation how to avoid the many mistakes I made in my life. Or as Arlene F. Harder put it; “Strength comes through care of others and production of something that contributes to the betterment of society, which Erickson calls generativity, so when we’re in this stage we often fear inactivity and meaninglessness.” (From an article titled; The Developmental Stages of Erik Erikson by Arlene F. Harder, MA, MFT, Copyright 2002, Revised 2009, Arlene F. Harder, MA, MFT) I am finally trying to get my degree in Criminal Justice with a goal toward being a paralegal. It is something I started in 1979, but put aside because I became discouraged by the background courses I had to take before I could pursue the ones that really interested me. Usually you would begin a story about your life with, “I was born”, and state a date, but I am not going to begin that way. I truly believe that it’s because of the way my parents live their lives, plus the way they treated and felt about each of their children, that has shaped me into the person that I am today. In the book Adult Development and Life Assessment there is a research that was done by three Harvard psychologists called the longitude research study that evaluated people over a twenty-five year period. This is what they learned: “Surprisingly, the psychologist found that their adult thinking and behavior was not influenced to a great extent by the specific child-rearing practices of their parents. What the study clearly showed, however, was that children who felt loved and cared for were “happier” and showed greater social and moral maturity as adults than those who felt rejected, neglected or unwanted. (Mc Clelland, Constantian, Regaldo, Stone, 1978, P.53) (Adult Development and Life Assessment, Chapter One, Gary A. Witt, Ronald A. Mossler, Published by Bridgeport Education, Inc., Copyright 2010) The love that I felt from my family truly shaped my personality. I will begin this story with telling you about my family first. My mother, Jean Elizabeth Asker, met my father, Irving Arthur Rogers (Arthur or Art) at a youth activity at the Westbrook Maine United Methodist Church. My dad had just recently returned to Maine from World War II as a sergeant in the Army/Air Force. At the time they met, my mom was sixteen and my dad was twenty-three. In today’s society there are a lot of parents that wouldn’t let their sixteen year old daughter date a twenty-three old man, but things were much different in 1947. They dated for three years and got married on March 18, 1950 in the same church where they met. Right after their honeymoon in New York City, my parents moved to California and they lived there for seven and a half years. They had Christine Lorraine (Chris) on March 4, 1952, Laurel Ellen (Laurie) on August 13, 1953 and James Bradley (Jim) on October 9. 1954. All three children were born in Upland, California. While Jim and Laurie were still in diapers, my parents decided to move back to New England, so that the children could get to know their grandparents. I (Barbara Lea or Barb) was born on October 9, 1958 at a hospital in Ludlow, Massachusetts (even though we lived in West Springfield) because that is where my mom’s doctor worked. My poor mother had to sit through my brother’s fourth birthday party with labor pains. She has told me that there were times that she had to grasp onto the kitchen table to keep from screaming, the pains were so bad. My dad kept looking at her as if to say, “You want to go now?” Well, my mom waited...
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