My Life After 10 Years

Topics: Sky, Color, As Time Goes By Pages: 5 (2102 words) Published: September 25, 2012
"My Journey from Sunset to Sunrise"
When the sun sets, thousands of hues of purple, orange, pink, and yellow fill the heavens. They blend with the clouds and cast off a dreamy air. It is a time when the colors of the day meet the colors of the night. Deep purples of the coming nightfall mix ever so gently with the orange tingles of the day. This passing from day to night forms a period of pure magic, when one may no longer distinguish between where the day ends and the night sky begins. The image created is so gentle to the eye and yet it is so striking. It is so peaceful and yet so overwhelming. The sun is slowly setting, and which each brilliant color a memory forms in my mind. I'm floating amidst this period of pure magic, where the heavens become so enchanted that one cannot distinguish between the end of the day and the beginning of the night. Somewhere in this mixture of day and night, I lie. And it feels as if I'm passing from the end of a period to the start of a new beginning and changes. Each shade of purple, yellow, pink, and orange is a memory, a thought, a tear, a smile, and a laugh, in my mind. All of the thousand of colors form a beautiful sunset. The sun is setting, only but to rise again. At the break of the dawn, I took my routine morning walk outside, staring up at the sky, listening to classical composers while taking in the image of the emerald leaves and mix of flowers on the trees above me for my solo art exhibit. This went on as usual but heading home, on my way back, for a brief moment instead of staring up, I looked down. To my surprises I noticed that the pavement was covered in a childish mess of colored chalk. There were drawings of a little girl holding a pink rose, rainbows, and multicolored stars. It all had a silly, charming quality to it that stopped me in my tracks. I was caught. Right then and there, I took a closer look at the pavement; enjoying the remnants of the delight these children felt while they must have sat around and played the day before. When was the last time I played? When we grow and mature, we take on more responsibilities and attain further achievements. But seeing the childish drawings, like uneven squares of purple hopscotch with turquoise numbers on the ground, reminded me of my childhood. I woke up that day and started with my daily routine. I then crept down stairs for breakfast and sat down the table. I saw my Mom crying in front of my Dad and that moment was so confusing to me. Much of the events that happened in that time are unknown to me. When I was 3 years old, our business closed because those times the demand for construction and realty is down but after a year my parents were able to open a new venture. When I was still in kindergarten at Mary Jane Preschool, life was never been though. Every time I feel sad or if I had a bad day I could just run to Mom and everything would all be okay. That time the biggest problem that I have was just learning how to write my name and what kind of dress to put on my Barbie. My life then was like a fairytale where everyone lives a happily ever after and it was all about playing games and getting the things that I wanted, no pain just laughter. Growing up, I've watched my Dad paint everything from the clouds on the ceiling of our home to bright amber fireworks on top of the rock in the garden. Every time he would teach kids art classes in our garage in Alabang, I never thought that I had it in me to follow his footsteps. I would sit down and join in, making simple roses out of combination of red and pink soft pastel on paper, blending them and enjoying the way the colors combined on the tips of my fingers. I was a child, happily staring at the vibrant colors smeared on my fingertips like frosting from a cake. In my elementary days at Dominican School, the question that I always heard from my teachers is "What do you want to be when you grow up?” Growing up with nothing but...
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