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My Life

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Hello everyone, I am happily married and have been going on ten years now. I have three wonderful kids. I have two boys which are 9 and 7, and one girl who is 4. I love to play basketball and football. I love to travel any chance I get. I am in the United States Army and I’ve been in 10 years now. I have been stationed at Fort Carson, Fort Leonard Wood, Korea, and now Fort Stewart. I am currently in the process of PCSing to Fort Jackson. I have been with American Military University for little while now but this is my third English course with them. The last time I had a literature class was back in high school. I am a little nervous about this course but I will give it my best and hopefully I’ll do fine. This course will help me because I am in the process of submitting a packet to become Warrant Officer. With this changeover I will need all these tools to help me with my writing down the line. I’m excited about this course and I look forward to meeting everyone. Good luck to you all!

For the second question, “Why have certain literary works been accepted, read and taught over centuries, while others have either vanished or have been ignored?” (Muller and Williams 4) I would have to say because certain types of literary works have come more popular than others. I believe the certain types are more popular due to sticking to what is best. What I mean by that is if it’s not broken don’t fix it and if it is broke change it up. I’d say it’s all about giving the audience the best material and what sells best.

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