My Learning Experience from My Relocation

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My learning experience from my relocation

I am a telemarketing sales working at a telecommunication company which composes of many sales team focuses on different services and client base. I was serving retail call-in customers for a full range of services, from land line to broadband services. In order to increase productivity, my previous team had to split into some small teams to get each team’s service even more specific.

All of us felt the uncertainty, some of my team members gossip which team get to most benefit, some of us just wondered why there should be change, some of us, just like me, was waiting for the new split, knowing that change is a must and hope to get over it as soon as possible.

Just two weeks before the new split, I was then told that I would not allocate to anyone of these new teams and I was relocating to corporate team which offers B2B telecommunication solutions to corporate clients.

This is a position that every sales in my company dream of, not only because its highest profit generated, it also representing our company to present the most updating technology to the business world. To my surprise, I am part of the team now. I was excited as this was a good opportunity to me but not sure if I was able to cope with it. I was also disappointed to learn that I had to leave my old teammates who are built up a close bonding over the years.

As I was instructed to keep silent on my move in order to avoid any unnecessary confusion, I helped the split as usual. It just a bit hard for me that I could not able to say goodbye to my teammates, and started to worry about if I was able to fit-in that highly demanding position.

That was a nightmare during the first two month of my transfer. I had to learn everything like a new-join and the worst was that I could not close any order that drained my last drop of confidence away. I thought that was a wrong move to me as my selling experience built up over the years didn’t work;...
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