My Learned Philosophy and the Afterlife Essay Topic

Topics: Ontology, Existence, Plato Pages: 2 (582 words) Published: December 1, 2010
In the beginning, I dreaded the fact of having to take a philosophy class. It all seemed preposterous to me. Then the final essay topic reflected several emotional responses in the beginning of the class. The Afterlife was only known to this student by means of religious teachings and not researched to the extent of whether or not the Afterlife matters in reference to how we live. How do we live if this unknown place actually exists?

Initial readings in chapter assignments opened this student’s eye to a perspective on life that would not usually come up as a topic of discussion. Whether or not there is a God or one ultimate mover is something to struggle with as this student moved further into learning philosophy and its communicators. I have found that there really is not a straightforward answer on discovery or facts of the topic I chose. I found myself learning about philosophers like the great Aristotle. His teachings brought on the questions on everything that existed, the knowledge to find out what it means to be. I have tried to grasp his concepts and reflect this in my final paper. His sense of existence is relevant to me and how I will answer my topic’s questions.

Moving further into the weeks I noticed that my thoughts on life changed. I no longer took many things for granted and saw my own life siting in the middle of materialism. This needed to change, the philosophical questions I now asked myself became complex. An example is one question in particular. How do I exist without the everyday “stuff” I think I need. I have found that existence is not physical but indeed a mental status with a physical body. Studying this helped me decide how to proceed with the research on the way I look at things and the Afterlife. How did others perceive it, this is my question to answer.

I found that most of the philosophers I did not agree with but Descartes was not one of those. I still view him the same as I did weeks ago. I am a skeptic to say the...
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