My Leadership Capabilities

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M005LON - Leading in a Changing World
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“Leadership is the art of influencing & directing people in such a way that will win their obedience, confidence, respect and loyal cooperation in achieving common objectives.” - (U.S. Air Force).

According to me, leadership is a quality of an individual that makes him stand beyond the crowd. Leadership is all about organizing a group of people, understanding them, monitoring them, identifying & allocating them desired role, getting the best work done out of them & lastly reward them. The main objective of the leader is to get the best out of his team in order to meet the goals of an organization. Perhaps different leaders have different methodology but their objective has always been same.

Our group mutually agreed on the following skills which we strongly believe a leader should perceive.

1. Interpersonal Skills: It includes the positive attitude, manners, gestures & behavior of a good leader. A good leader should use these interpersonal skills to solve the conflicts in the group & to maintain peace & discipline in the organization.

2. Communication skills: A good leader demonstrates communication skills as being a good listener & speaker. There shouldn’t be communication barrier between a leader & his subordinates. The meaning of words should be easily understood by both leader & the teammates in order to carry the workflow smoothly.

3. Relationships: Trust is the base of each & every relationship. In order to maintain a good relationship a leader should first understand needs of his teammates which will help him to allocate suitable role to that individual. A good leader should associate with his subordinates; develop the interpersonal relationships & feeling of belongingness.

4. Motivation: A good leader should always ignite the fire in his subordinates in order to meet the desired goal & objective of the organization. Leaders are responsible for building confidence in their teams & setting an example of their own in order to inspire their team.

5. Time management: “TIME IS AN ETERNITY” says SHIV KHERA. Time is the most vital factor in life; a good leader should always set an example of utilizing the given time & giving the best out of it.

6. Decision maker: Making the right decision at the right time is the most vital characteristics of a good leader. Keeping in mind the mission & vision of an organization, being loyal & ethical; decisions should be made by a leader in order to meet the goals of an organization.

7. Constructive feedback: It’s very important for a good leader to provide his team with constructive feedback from time to time. Correct feedback helps teammates for future improvements & enhancements.

After the feedback which I got from my team mates, I was a bit surprised & stunned as well, because I got to know my strengths & weaknesses more precisely also the areas where I need to improve.

Considering interpersonal skill, my group feels I am very good at it. One of my team mates told me he just adores my greeting style like every morning I greet them wishing good morning & keeping a smile on my face. They told me this attitude of mine just drives them to a good start in the morning. Also they liked my positive attitude towards work which motivates them to complete...
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