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  • Published : May 12, 2013
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Ma Le Thi
* Born in Buon Ma Thou, Vietnam in 1964
* She is of Chinese heritage, making her subject to racism and alienated within her own country * Currently lives and works in Sydney
Material Practice
* Thi’s works embrace a diversity of media and forms varying from painting, sculpture, performance, installation, film making and set design Conceptual Practice
* Recurrent Imagery provides an ongoing dialogue and connection with the audience and her art making practice * Often uses symbolic representations within her work, predominantly of skeletons, skin colours, ladders, shoes, rice and masks * In contrast to western vanitas, Thi uses the skull as a symbol of unity and as a common link between cultures and people * Uses the four colours of red, white, yellow and black to represent the different skin colours of the world, addressing her opinions about racism and discrimination * “Art is about life rather than the look of the piece.” – Ma Le Thi 2006 By including reoccurring motifs and imagery within her works, she forms a continual connection between artist and audience. Audience

* “My Le Thi is a Vietnamese-Australian installation artist who has exhibited internationally. Her work challenges the notion of ethnicity and its complex language from which distinct characteristics and practices are questioned in a push towards building common links and global communities. The use of skeletal structures, feet and other forms are definitive examples.” - Casula Powerhouse Arts Centre and The Blacktown Arts Centre * Thi’s primal audience is the Australian community and she has exhibited in Sydney galleries, including collaboration exhibitions such as ‘Parallel Worlds’ with Tim Johnson at the UTS sydney World

* Thi’s works are based on her experiences within her homeland, the highlands of Vietnam. * However, as a Sydney based artist she is able to blend Western and Asian culture. Her works are also a response to...
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