My Last Trip Abroad

Topics: New York City, Big Apple, Sleep Pages: 1 (446 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Once a year my girlfriend and I take a journey to New York. Spending time with my uncle, who lives there, is the main purpose of our trip, but there are many benefits of travelling to New York besides just visiting family. People may think there are endless possibilities in New York and it’s true but I always seem to do the exact same thing as if it was planned. When we arrive we unpack and get comfortable at my uncle’s apartment. My uncle has a small yet adorable two-bedroom apartment. My girlfriend and i sleep on the most uncomfortable pull-out sofa ever made, but for some reason when I do fall asleep I always wake up feeling very refreshed. The atmosphere of New York is indescribable. There is a feeling of electricity in the air unlike anywhere else in Bulgaria or even Europe. New York streets and subways are always crowded and I feel like the smallest man in the world, it is actually kind of humbling experience. You can walk down any street and be stunned by the various scents of fresh-baked breads, pizza, Chinese food and at the same time hit hard by the smell of fresh fish or stale urine but either way it always makes me feel at home. If I had a dollar for every fake watch or purse I was offered I would be a rich man. Besides visiting my family the best part of New York is the food which is widely known as the best around. As I make my way down the city street, I feel overwhelmed by people walking and speaking different languages People with looks that I have never seen before who seem somehow bizarre to me. Everyone is so different in their own style. This great place known as The Big Apple is the capital of all new fashion tendencies and old fads. New York is the inventor of all inventors. I perceive New York City as a carefree expression of freedom. Most of today's new clothing styles are adopted from New York. People are so full of life and encouragement. No one judges the way you present yourself in this unrestricted environment. People in New York...
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