My Kinsman, Major Molineux Summary

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  • Published : October 6, 2010
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Admir Mehmedovic
American Lit 210
Response Paper #1
My Kinsman, Major Molineux - Nathaniel Hawthorne

Robin approaches town. The town was a good size that he acts as if he is approaching London not a little New England colony. Robin walks a short distance when he realizes that he doesn’t know where his kinsman lives. He decided to ask the next person he meets the way to the home of his kinsman Major Molineux, however the guy seemed angry and storms away. He approached a barber shop where they insisted that they have never heard of Molineux. Robin continues to wander town, hoping to find his kinsman. A woman wearing a scarlet petticoat tries to get Robin into her house by saying that she is Major Molineux’s housekeeper but she flees when the watchman happens to pass their way. Robin soon finds himself outside the door of a church where he encounters a stranger. Robin blocks the man’s way. The man threatens to strike Robin if he doesn’t let him pass. However, he does answer Robin’s question by telling him to watch here an hour, and Major Molineux will pass by. Finally near the end of the parade, Robin sees his kinsman tarred, feathered, and being carried on a cart. The cart stops in front of Robin and he observes that the various individuals he met that night are present at the lynching and are laughing. Robin was laughing along with them he was in fact the loudest. After he is gone Robin’s friend asks him if he is dreaming, Robin stated that he wants to go to the ferry and return home. However, the man refuses saying that Robin should stay in town a few more days. If after he get to know the city more, he chooses to leave then he will help him find his way to the ferry.
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