My Kind of Love Paragraph for Changing Self Essay

Topics: Singing, Love, Major scale Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Related Material – My kind of love, by Emeli Sande.

Change is a constant in everyone’s lives; it’s the thing that remains while everything else transforms. In my related material of the song ‘My kind of Love’ written by Emeli Sande demonstrates just how true that statement is. In the video, Emeli visits a sick friend in the hospital, and decides to take her out to town to boost her morale, if not her health. The concept of the song was inspired by the period of time Sande was a med student. One of the things that inspired her was the patients and the interaction that they had with there loved ones during their time of illness. Because when people arrived at the hospital, money and status became irrelevant and only health mattered, which sparks an honesty between people and that’s the type of love she’s singing about. The music devices in this production are phenomenal doing everything in their power to make the listener feel. A smart choice was the key she wrote the song in, she used the F minor scale, which is a scale known for passion, its key signature has 4 flats in it giving the scale an emotional edge therefore giving the song an emotional edge. In the first verse, she starts with a progressing dynamic with the piano alone and her vocals; “Sometimes the truth wont make you happy,” which is immediately making you fell the sadness of that statement. Then as the dynamic slowly builds she states “But don’t ever question that my heart beats only for,” which shows her giving her power away to then lead up to the texture of layers of instruments increasing and developing the strong and powerful chorus where she sings “Cause when you’ve given up. When no matter what you do it’s never good enough…” and the tone of her voice that she sings it in is almost a whine for the purpose of creating a more heartfelt sound. The lyrics of the chorus are gorgeous because they truly present the hurt and pain of her experience “…When you never thought that it could ever get...
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