My Journey to Youth Work.

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  • Published : February 4, 2013
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My Journey to Youth Work.

Growing up I didn’t have much of major issues to create any turning point in my youth. Besides having normal barriers and challenges as a child growing up in poverty but still manage to have a structural bringing. My parents were very disciplinary and with strong moral values, each had their own teaching style to help us, learn and cope with our limitations or hardship of living in poverty. They were hard working people, with a large family. Their approach to teach, nurturing was to always help those around us, to always see the other side of things. To maintain an open mind in everything we come across, to ask for help to things that might look difficult or too complex. My mother was the caregiver her approach was, treat others as you would like to be treated. Learn to be efficient and positive in all you do. My father was more as the provider and the regulator of behavior and individual character. His teachings were all about being responsible and to be accountable for any shortcomings. We weren’t all that perfect or so proper, as a child I explored good behavior and deviant attitude. In my teens my character was influenced by society and childhood peer pressure. In my opinion becoming a teen- parent as a result of rebellious behavior was my outcome of rejecting my parents old fashion approach of discipline. This turning point in my life, affected my personal development and in all aspects. The transformation from youth to a young inexperience parent, prepare me to embrace the idea of being responsible and accountable for my own mistakes and downfall.
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