My Journey Back to School

Topics: Goal, Management, Goal setting Pages: 2 (759 words) Published: October 2, 2012
My Journey Back to School
Amber Crosby
English121 Composition 1
Laloni Christenson
September 24, 2012

My Journey Back to School is about my life after returning to college. There are many reasons why I am returning to college which will benefit my life. I have set some long and short-term goals in my life, and made a decision to complete my goals and start my successful career. On June 9, 2012 I lost my job as a sales associate, at Wal- mart. A couple of days after that, it didn’t take me long to decide, I had to make a change. Waking up every day on a different schedule, I am a single mother of two smaller children, and sometimes things happen. When you work for someone else and you have to abide by their rules and policies to make a living for your family that can get a little frustrating. This was the final straw. I made it clear in my mind that I was going back to school to further my education so that I can get a career and be a better provider for my children, them settling for a dead end job. After I decided for sure that I was going back to further my education, I had to decide the best online college, and then pick a degree that best fit my field and my interest, I wanted to make the right decision and I wanted my choice to be something can grow from and have a successful future with my family and career as well. I chose Ashford University after researching several other colleges online. For some reason Ashford caught my attention on several different subjects faster than the other colleges that were researched as far as their academic challenge, and their different degrees, and programs, but after researching all colleges I came to the conclusion of making my choice with Ashford university based on their kindness and their effort and motivation towards helping me make my decision with them. Ashford university talked thoroughly with me, after they listened to my story, they were able to decided what they...
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