My Job Experience

Topics: Narrative, Narrator, Sleep Pages: 3 (882 words) Published: April 22, 2013
Narrative Story:

The first-person narrative is a literary technique wherein a story is narrated explicitly by one or more of the characters, who refers to himself or herself in the first person as “I”. As the narrator express his/her own feelings, thoughts, and experiences, the narrator’s character is revealed and the reader easily gains insight to the character. It also suspends information from the reader, and therefore widely used and effective to suspense and detective fiction.

My Job Experience
I woke up with a loud ringing near my head. A few days back, or years to be exact, I would have easily put it off and dose back again on my soft pillows. Ahh, but this day was different. It’s my first day in my first job ever. I could hear my head pounding. I never needed the alarm clock in the first place anyway, since I hardly slept last night. I’ve always seen myself as a ‘cool guy’ but the butterlies in my stomach speaks much differently about me, though. I headed for the shower and felt the water slap me from my semi-half-awake half-asleep state. Breakfast! But where are my stockings? Though contrary to real day-today experience, I wish mom was here. Well, better get off now or I might miss the bus. I surely want to make a good first impression and hope this will carry me all the way to promotions. I can hardly wait right now to experience the sweet smell of success! I stopped myself as I saw a man staring at me. Daydreaming may have been written all over my face. Secretly, I pinched myself for making a fool of me.

As I came inside the building, I headed for the shop to which I was assigned. Across the shop, Darlene Shepherd subtly nodded at me, acknowledging approval of my early arrival. She was the one who chose me as a shop steward. Of course, I wanted to prove my worth. I love the dignity of work, but best of all, I love to walk around the corner and shop just a liiiitle bit of little-bitty things. My first day in my first job closed...
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