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Almost three years ago I started working for Oyster Reef golf course which is located in beautiful Hilton Head Island, SC. I’ve come a long way in the past seven years since I came to America from a small country in Europe called Belarus. My journey here started with cleaning hotel rooms seven days a week and washing dishes after banquets on Fridays and Saturdays. Making $6 an hour even when working 60-70 hours a week was barely enough to cover my bills. I still remember it way to well that’s why I appreciate my current job more than anybody even when the golf course is slow and we don’t get much business. It is the best job I have ever had and I absolutely love it.

At the golf course I work at the restaurant/bar inside of the club house. Since most of our members left the club about a year ago we don’t have too many customers that sit down and have lunch. That is why our manager brought my idea to life: between the two girls that work with me in the restaurant and myself we not only serve the bar and the restaurant but also drive the beverage cart. This illuminated having a fourth girl that would run the beverage cart only. Although it gave all of us a few more hours a week to work, our days became longer and instead of five working days we only get to work four days which means I get to spend three full days a week with my 4-year old baby girl.

My child is the main reason I am working so hard and going to school almost full time. I would like for her to have a bright future and the best way to do so is by my own example. She sees me working and studying every day, so she already knows that she needs to go to college when she grows up and she is already excited about it.

On the other hand, mommy and daddy have to work even harder now to provide for college for our child. That’s where my job comes through for me: a few times a month we hold tournaments that require lunches and dinners after play. Instead of brining banquet staff my manager lets me work them...
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