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Topics: Psychology, Want, Thought Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: March 3, 2013
Taking an English class has always been quite an option, I would consider instead of taking science class. Experience with English was quite a journey with many ups and downs; mostly it relied on which teacher I had for it, the way the teacher taught affected me a lot. If his\her approach was convincing, to me I loved studying but on the journey I met some teachers who just knew nothing but to give homework and make no effort with the child. But mostly I got good teachers. I mostly do enjoy English especially the part where I have to write. The only area in English where I lack behind is the part where it comes to me speaking English or trying to explain myself. I have a lot of words in my mind I make up a sentence as well but when it come s to the point where I have to let my voice take control either the times finishes or I end up mixing my words, so there I quite struggle with myself. My all-time favourite subject it mathematics. Everything is numbers in it. All u have to do is get your mind to work straight and concentrate if u can do one question you just need to practice a few more and u would expertise the subject. All that changes in the question is the values, no rocket science in it. According to me English isn’t the same as others because like in science we have to know concepts in order to understand but in English we have to create stuff, imagine things in our mind and write them down in the form of words. Even the marking of English is different from others as in English there is not just one answers we can write, one answers in so many different ways, we need our grammar to be strong , we punctuation skills etc.

I achieved 80% in my previous grade. Yes I was satisfied to a point, because my English skills were weak and my teacher worked a lot on me. She gave me extra work to do, tell me where I lose marks, where I need improvement. All that helped a lot I worked on it and finally got an 80% which for me at that moment was more than enough. I...
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